During the coming months, Luthiers Mercantile will be closing our doors permanently. Our owners are nearing retirement, and having explored other options, we have made the difficult decision to sail off into the proverbial sunset. As a result of this decision, we will be selling off all our inventory and other assets. Expect to see some amazing deals in the days ahead! All sale items will appear on our website. If you have an interest in other assets or bulk purchases, please email chris@lmii.com
Needless to say, after serving the lutherie trade for so many decades this was a difficult decision to arrive at.
It has been a pleasure and an honor to help advance this noble craft and to assist with the creation of so many thousands of fine instruments. Along the way, we have made many friends. We will, of course, continue to provide the same great customer service that you have grown accustomed to. However, we will occasionally ask for your patience as items go out of stock and as our employees shift roles to best help us meet our goals during these final days.
In this environment, please note that the following new policies apply:
  • All sales are final, in-stock items only, no backorders
  • Prices subject to change without notice
  • Custom wood services will be discontinued
  • Your orders are still guaranteed but you must contact us immediately upon receipt of your order if you have a claim.



Q: When are you closing?

A: Within a few months. This is partly dependent on remaining inventory.


Q: How long will products continue to be available?

A: Most items will be permanently discontinued once they sell out, and we cannot predict how quickly that will happen.


Q: When are you going to lower prices?

A: All price changes will appear on the website and will appear without notice. However, we encourage you to subscribe to our email newsletter for updates.


Q: Are you selling your shop tools?

A: Yes. Please email chris@lmii.com for information.


Q: Are your doors open for shopping?

A: No, but watch your email for an announcement of a possible Open House event.


Q: Can I come by to see what you are selling?

A: You may visit by appointment only. Visits will be strictly scheduled. All the wood and merchandise we are selling, with discount pricing, are on the web and we prefer you purchase it there.