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Bridge Pins and End Pins

No one carries a larger variety of bridge pins than LMI. New bridge pins are an easy way to improve the appearance and, some say, the sound of your acoustic steel-string guitar. And of course, bridge pins will wear out, so any guitar repair bench will do well to have a variety of pins in stock. Email us about quantity pricing for professional guitar repair shops and for production guitar builders. We carry bridge pins and end pins to suit every instrument. We carry plastic bridge pins, and pins made from Indian Rosewood, Ebony, Boxwood, Tintul (a great Rosewood substitute which is easily exportable) and Bloodwood. We also have bone bridge pins and black horn bridge pins. Nearly all the pins we sell can be paired with a matching end pin, or strap pin. Find pins with a 3-degree taper or 5-degree taper to suit nearly all Martin guitars, Taylor guitars, Gibson guitars -and many other brands, including most vintage guitars. Pins come with a wide variety of decorative dots in mother of pearl, abalone, and ebony and with brass rings (the “Parisian eye”) or just plain.