Kit Type

Instrument Kits

All of our kits are built using the Kit Wizard. With it, you can select a template (one of several common guitar types) as a starting point. Each template includes all the most commonly recommended parts.

The Kit Wizard allows you to swap out woods, parts, and customizations/shop services as you like, all the while keeping you apprised of the discounted price! So, you can use either an economic low-grade soundboard or bump it up to the very finest we offer. Choose whether to have us bend the sides for you, or do the work yourself and pay less!

To use the Kit Wizard you must create an account and log in to our website. This allows you to create a kit (or several) and save it indefinitely. You can make as many adjustments as you like before adding it to your shopping cart and ordering it. Questions along the way? Feel free to contact us.

Watch the Video linked on each Kit Wizard product for more information!

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