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Drill Press Rosette Cutter


Drill Press Rosette Cutter with tool
blanks, shims, drill bushing and adjustment wrenches. Pictured in foreground are the two cutter sets offered for this tool –
Classical rosette cutter set on the left, and Steel string rosette cutter set on the right. 

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The LMI rosette channel cutter (based on the John Greven rosette cutter) is intended for drill press use. It is designed for fast, accurate cutting of the inlay relief for any size or configuration of classical or steel string rosette. Once this tool is set up, the cutting only takes a few seconds. This is how the factories and high production shops turn this slow and tedious task into a "no-brainer".
The body of the tool is a ½" thick 6 5/8" wide aluminum flywheel-type disc with a ½" center-mounted steel dowel pin for mounting in the drill press chuck. There is a ¼" steel dowel pin on the downside that centers through the soundhole center in the top into a ¼" hole in your drill press base (this hole is best reinforced with the ¼" drill bushing that we provide). Even though this tool is machined and balanced for smooth operation, this lower guide pin really stabilizes the whole operation.
The tool is designed to use ¼" x ¼" high-speed steel cutters to cut the various channels. Two opposing ¼" slots in the disc with adjustable Allen screws inside and outside will hold any combination of cutters and spacers. Rosette channels from 3 3/8" ID to 6" OD can be cut with this tool.

  • The Rosette Cutter includes:
    • A cutter set (depending on which version you order)
    • 9 shims (3-1/16", 3-1/8" and 3-1/4" wide)
    •  The necessary Allen wrenches for securing the cutters in place
    • A ¼" drill bushing. 
    • Blank cutters are available for custom shaping.

Classical Rosette Cutter Set
This set is designed to cut one-piece rosette troughs from ¼" to 1" wide. The set consists of one ¼" cutter beveled for outside (OD) cuts, and three (3) ¼" cutters
for the inside or ID cuts.

Steel String Rosette Cutter Set
This set is designed to cut the standard three-ring steel string rosette
troughs – e.g. Martin™, Taylor™, Gibson™. The set consists of two (2) 1/16" (0.063") cutters for the smaller inside and outside rings (use our 0.060" BWB purfling), and two (2) 3/16" cutters for the larger inside ring (3/16" to 3/8").


SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
SPGRCNS Drill press rosette Cutter w/steel string blade set Yes $238.87
SPGRCNC Drill press rosette Cutter w/classical blade set Yes $238.87
SPGRCNCSET Classical rosette cutter set Yes $59.10
SPGRCNSSET Steel string rosette cutter set Yes $59.10
SPGRCNCB1 1/4" x 1/4" - no relief classical blade, indiv. Yes $16.42
SPGRCNCB2 1/4" x 1/4" - 1 relief classical blade, indiv. Yes $16.42
SPGRCNSB1 1/16" x 1/4" - 2 relief steel string blade, indiv. Yes $16.42
SPGRCNSB2 3/16" x 1/4" - 2 relief steel string blade, indiv. Yes $16.42
SPGRCNCB 1/4" x 1/4" - customizable cutter blank Yes $16.42
SPGRCNSHIM1 1/16" shim Yes $3.12
SPGRCNSHIM3 1/8" shim Yes $3.12
SPGRCNSHIM2 1/4" shim Yes $3.12
SPGRCBU Replacement bushing Yes $3.12