Bed time... I don't think so. Not when you have the new LMI plunge Dremel base and a curly mahogany set that needs a sound port. I Love it. That was my first try at it. It knock off bout 15-20min of work! I knew exactly what I needed if for when you told me you had some with you at the GAL. I love that base and the light attachment is beyond perfect!

Dave VanderWeele

Custom Mold Template Kit for SPB/SPBDX


BENDINGHEATINGCustomMoldkit500LMI sells a number of popular bending molds for your convenience, but we realize that there are myriad guitar shapes and we can't produce a mold for each one. Our Custom Mold Template Kit will enable you to make a mold that can be used accurately and effectively with our LMI Bending Machine. This kit consists of a 1/4" MDF template and a set of blank shoes along with written and video instructions on how to produce your own mold.

To use this kit you will also need a 1/2" straight router bit (SPRB12), a 3/8" flush trim bit (SPFTC375), a 5/16" (CA6) straight bit and a 1/2" router guide bushing. Router guide bushings are often model specific. They are available at hardware stores and online retailers.



LMI Side Bender
Custom Mold Template
with Robert O'Brien

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