“I just wanted drop you guys a thank you note. I ordered a khaya back/sides set and some brace wood from you folks and had it on my front porch within three days. The wood is beautiful, the price was fair, and your service is most impressive. Thanks!"

Steve - Glendora, CA

German Spruce Tops

German Spruce guitar by Bob Desmond.

Picea excelsa, P. abies

German Spruce is a common term for Spruce coming from Europe, but it is not really accurate. Guitar grade Spruce has not come out of Germany for many years now. The best material comes from the former Yugoslavia region. When you order German Spruce from LMI, you can expect the excellent, slightly golden-colored tonewood that, for years now, has been the staple of the bowed instrument world, and a favorite among high-end steel string and classical guitar builders. We carry the finest German Spruce available, including sets with bearclaw figure.
PLEASE NOTE: It is not uncommon to find some small, isolated bits of bearclaw figure in all grades except 4A grade. If it is essential that your soundboard be free of this, please let us know when you place your order

See our article "About Bearclaw".

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
TGS3ASS Top, German Spruce, AAA grade, steel string
Yes $173.83
TGS3ACL Top, German Spruce, AAA grade, classical/OM
Yes $165.13
TGS2ASS Top, German Spruce, AA grade, steel string
Yes $137.32
TGS2ACL Top, German Spruce, AA grade, classical/OM
Yes $130.45
TGSSSBCH Top, German Spruce bearclaw, AAA grade, steel string
No $183.76
TGSSSBCM Top, German Spruce bearclaw, AA grade, steel string
Yes $145.17
TGSSSBCL Top, German Spruce bearclaw, A grade, steel string
Yes $114.69

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