“I have seldom had
experience with
a company with
such careful attention
to customer
Although I am sure
my orders are
smaller than most,
your products have
been of the highest
quality and your
responsiveness to
my special requests
have always been
treated with
respect and
My thanks to
all of your staff."

Dave S.,
Cape Elizabeth, Maine



Speed knobs, EKB & EKG
Diamond knurled knobs

Black plastic knob, EKEP

We offer several different knobs to dress up your instrument:

Our speed knobs fit nicely on all of our pots which have coarse knurled (serrated) 6mm shafts.

Our diamond knurled knobs come in three different colors, black, gold and chrome and in two different shaft sized, 1/4" and 6mm.

All of our wooden knobs have rounded tops. They are not marked, but try inlaying one of our MOP or Paua dots to tell you where you are in the sweep. Each of the wooden knobs has an Allen screw to tighten it against the post (1.5mm). These knobs are great for smooth or knurled shaft pots. Our wooden knobs are sized for either a 6mm or 1/4" shaft (read description carefully). If you find a knob is a bit loose on on a pot you can use a little strip of copper tape inside the knob, which helps the fit and gives a good surface for the set screw to set against (Allen wrench not included).

The black plastic knob, EKEP, has a rubber bushing so the knob press fits nicely over the shaft with no set screw.

Boxwood • Boxwood w/black rings • Ebony • Ebony w/black rings
Tintul• Tintul w/paua dot • Tigerwood

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
Speed knobs for 6mm shaft
EKBSpeed knob, black for 6mm shaft
No $3.36 $2.99
EKGSpeed knob, gold for 6mm shaft
Yes $3.36 $2.99
Knurled knobs for 6mm shaft
EKMB6Electric knob, black knurled for 6mm shaft
Yes $3.15 $2.78
EKMC6Electric knob, chrome knurled for 6mm shaft
Yes $3.15 $2.78
EKMG6Electric knob, gold knurled for 6mm shaft
Yes $3.15 $2.78
Wooden knobs for 6mm shaft
EKBW6Electric knob, Boxwood for 6mm shaft
Yes $2.47 $2.21
EKBR6Electric knob, Boxwood w/black rings for 6mm shaft
Yes $3.68 $3.26
EKEB6Electric knob, Ebony for 6mm shaft
05/11/2018 $3.15 $2.78
EKEBR6Electric knob, Ebony w/black rings for 6mm shaft
Yes $3.68 $3.26
EKR6Electric knob, Tintul for 6mm shaft
Yes $3.15 $2.78
EKRAElectric knob, Tintul w/Paua dot for 6mm shaft
Yes $3.68 $3.26
EKT6Electric knob, Tigerwood for 6mm shaft
Yes $3.15 $2.78
Knurled knobs for 1/4" shaft
EKMB6.35Electric knob, black knurled for 1/4" shaft
Yes $3.15 $2.78
EKMC6.35Electric knob, chrome knurled for 1/4" shaft
Yes $3.15 $2.78
EKMG6.35Electric knob, gold knurled for 1/4" shaft
Yes $3.15 $2.78
Wooden knobs for 1/4" shaft
EKBWElectric knob, Boxwood for 1/4" shaft
Yes $2.47 $2.21
EKBRElectric knob, Boxwood w/black rings for 1/4" shaft
Yes $3.68 $3.26
EKEBElectric knob, Ebony for 1/4" shaft
Yes $3.15 $2.78
EKEBRElectric knob, Ebony w/black rings for 1/4” shaft
Yes $3.68 $3.26
EKRElectric knob, Tintul for 1/4" shaft
Yes $3.15 $2.78
EKTElectric knob, Tigerwood for 1/4" shaft
04/30/2018 $3.15 $2.78
EKEPElectric knob, black plastic
Yes $2.36 $2.10