"....My friend and I have been building guitars in my high school woodworking class over the course of this school year. This will be the last order we place for this project, and I wanted to say that we have found your website, products, and customer service to be extremely useful. When my friend encountered some issues with bending the sides he purchased, he emailed your company to ask for advice, and, very quickly, received very helpful advice."


BSKhaya600Khaya ivorensis

Khaya (often referred to as African Mahogany) ranges in color from light pink to medium brown to reddish brown. The figure on well-quartered pieces is the characteristic stripe resulting from interlocked grain. It is a strong wood with a coarser texture than Honduran Mahogany or Sapele, and has good tonal qualities. Workability, stability and  low cost make this a very desireable tonewood.

Note: Sides can be difficult to bend because of variation in density within the piece (less water in bending is better than more).

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B & S, Khaya, steel string

BSKHSS015 -  $52.83

B & S, Khaya, steel string

BSKHSS024 -  $57.83

B & S, Khaya, steel string

BSKHSS025 -  $57.83

B & S, Khaya, steel string

BSKHSS026 -  $57.83

B & S, Khaya, steel string

BSKHSS027 -  $57.83

B & S, Khaya, steel string

BSKHSS028 -  $57.83