"Just received my latest classical guitar kit. I had a couple of requests for wood selection, and you did a great job in selecting on both counts,
In addition, all the wood was great quality - this was an expensive kit, but your product made it a very good value to me.

Thanks for the great work!"


KTM Product Line – Spar Varnish




KTM Spar Varnish wood finish is a waterborne, oil modified, self-crosslinking Urethane system. It features high quality, low film yellowing, excellent chemical, mar and scuff resistance, and is specifically designed for finishing wood. Because of its inherent oil urethane characteristics the user can expect excellent flow, leveling, and penetration into porous wood surfaces. Applied by spray or brush, maintaining high solids in the coating allows for good film build and fewer coats to apply.

ARTICLE: See excerpts from "the Finish Line" by Rolfe Gerhardt, that ran in the Summer 2008 ASIA Guitarmaker magazine featuring KTM Spar Varnish.