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Universal Tints

DYESUniversalTintBurntUmber100 DYESUniversalTintBurntSienna100 DYESUniversalTintVanDykeBrown100
Burnt Umber Burnt Sienna Van Dyke Brown
DYESUniversalTintLampblack100 DYESUniversalTintWhite100  
Lampblack White  
Universal tint colors (UTC's) can be used to tint lacquer, water-based finishes, pore-fillers, etc.  

Care should be taken when adding tints to a product as they will thin the product they are being added to.

NoInternationalShippingSymbol100Dangerous Material
See Safety Data Sheet for Burnt Sienna, FTBTS

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
FTBU Universal tint color, Burnt Umber, 2 oz.
Yes $10.45
FTBTS Universal tint color, Burnt Sienna, 2 oz.
Yes $10.45
FTVDB Universal tint color, Van Dyke Brown, 2 oz.
Yes $10.45
FTLB Universal tint color, Lampblack, 2 oz.
Yes $9.40
FTW Universal tint color, White, 2 oz.
Yes $10.45