There are lots of different operations required to make a guitar.  In some cases they need to be done in a specific order but there are lots of things that can be done independently. Here is a list of operations and the order in which I do them.  Click on any title to see the steps. You will probably also want to build a mold

Preparing the Sub-Assemblies

Tasks in Red have already been done for you with an LMI Serviced Kit.

Sides Back Top Braces Neck
thickness thickness thickness split billets glue headstock veneer
trim joint joint saw to shape cut headstock to shape
bend glue (join) glue (join) cut to rough length drill holes for tuning machines
fit sides into mold Trim to rough shape Cut rosette channels radius install truss rod
glue neck and tail blocks   inlay rosette make x-brace trim fingerboard
trim sides   cut sound hole   install frets
glue in lining glue backstrip reinforcement Trim to rough shape   glue fingerboard
sand top and back to profile glue braces glue braces   sand/shape neck
cut brace pockets in lining carve braces carve braces    

Assembling the Guitar

Glue back to sides
Glue top to sides
trim edges
cut binding channels
install bindings
scrape bindings
fill pores
fit neck & set angle
apply finish
wet sand
Install bridge
install tuning machines
install strings
Final Set Up

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