Gotoh, slot-head, nickel, nickel buttons, brass gear


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All of our slot-head tuners come with 12 stainless steel knurled barrel bushings. These are not strictly necessary but we highly recommend you use them at least on the peghead inside shaft hole. If you choose not to use the bushings, you will need to drill two post holes. This is because these tuners have a set of washers against the plate of the tuner that are larger than the diameter of the post (see photos). In order for the tuners to fit flush against the peghead, a larger hole must be drilled to accommodate these washers.  If you use bushings, one hole size will fit both the bushing and the washer diameter. If you choose not to use bushings, the hole diameter on the inner peghead hole needs to be 0.246" (D sized bit) and the hole on the outer peghead hole needs to be .302" (N sized bit). Of course, one hole is much easier, so we feel it's best to use the bushings and save time and aggravation. 


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Steel String 3L/3R Slot-head
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Gotoh, slot-head, nickel, nickel buttons, brass gear

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