Bloodwood 3 deg. bridge pins, set of 6


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Product Description

3-DEGREE PINS: 3-degree bridge pins are used as replacements on most production guitars (Taylor and overseas made instruments, for example) and on pre-1994 Martins and pre-2002 Collings guitars. 3 degree has been a popular choice for many of the high-end custom luthiers as it has been commented that it is easier to provide a good fit with a wider variety of strings with this taper

5-DEGREE PINS: 5-degree pins are a common replacement for most modern Martins and many older Dreadnoughts. They were used commonly in the past and are often termed "vintage style".

UNSLOTTED PINS: Some believe that by slotting the bridge and using an unslotted pin you create greater coupling between the string, pin, bridge plate and soundboard, which improves tone. Others say the difference is negligible or non-existent. Nonetheless, unslotted bridge pins are popular with some luthiers and players. There are varying reports about whether or not different pin types effect bridge plate damage over time.


Wood Species or Type
Shipping Restrictions - Location
No Restrictions
Taper Length (does not include head) - (A in drawing on product page)
.90" or 22.8mm
Taper Large Diameter - (top of taper) (B in drawing on product page)
.20" or 5mm
Taper Small Diameter - (bottom of taper) (C in drawing on product page)
.16" or 4mm
3 Degree Slotted
Bridge Pin Set


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Bloodwood 3 deg. bridge pins, set of 6

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