Safety Data Sheets

The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) (29 CFR 1910.1200(g)), revised in 2012, requires that the chemical manufacturer, distributor, or importer provide Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) (formerly MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet) for each hazardous chemical to downstream users to communicate information on these hazards.

We will continue to list SDS’s for discontinued items for our customer’s convenience.
If your product is not listed below, contact us and we will send you an SDS.

CFP – Tools & Services, Clamps & Vises, Friendly Plastic, 18 oz. container

FACPT – Filler, Aqua Coat Clear Filler, 16 oz.

FCA & FCAQ – Contact Adhesive for Binding

FCC1.5/FCC3K – Filler, System Three, Clear Coat, 2 Part Epoxy 1.5 Pt Kit – PART A and B

FFOA – Finishes, Fingerboard Oil

FFG4 & FFG8 – High Tack Fish Glue

FFP – Finishes, Liquid Polishing Compounds, Fine polish, 8 oz. 

FGFNFGluBoost Fill ‘n Finish Pro

FGGBSTGluBoost GluDry Accelerator

FGHA1/FGHA18/FGHA18H  –  CA glue, NCF Accelerators (hot & mild), 2 oz./18 oz.

FGHAS – NCF Quick, aerosol accelerator

FGHSV – Cyanoacrylate Solvent

FGMGTGluBoost MasterGlu Thin

FGMGUTGluBoost MasterGlu Super Thin

FGOT1/FGOT12 – Oak and Teak epoxy, 2 part, 12 oz. PART A and B

FGWP – Binding Cement

FGX/FGX128  – LMI Yellow Instrument Glue, 8 oz./1 gallon

FLC12/FLC32 – Cardinal Gloss Lacquer

FLCL1008Target Coatings CL100 crosslinker

FLCLET16 – Culinary Ethanol

FL128, FL32 Seagrave lacquer

FLCL8, FLCL16, FLCL32 – Crystalac waterbased finish

FLEM1032 – Target Coatings EM 1000 Universal Sanding Sealer

FLEM6000128/FLEM600032– Target Coatings EM6000 High Gloss

FLEM6000STN32 – Target Coatings EM6000 Satin

FLRFT– Seagrave Retarder

FLRFTC – Cardinal Retarder

FLS/FLSC – Finishes, Burn-in lacquer stick, black/clear, 3/4 oz.

FLSW, FLSW32 – Seagrave Sealer

FLSA58 – Target Coatings SA5 retarder/thinner

FLSS8, FLSS16/FLSS32CrystaLac waterbased sealer

FMDYBL – Dye Concentrate, Acetone-based, blue, 2oz.

FPPUM – Finishes, Shellac & French Polishing Materials, Pumice for filling and padding, 1 lb

FPROT– Finishes, Shellac & French Polishing Materials, Rottenstone for polishing, 1 lb.

FRLB(XX)Royal-Lac shellac-based finish

FRLCAT – RL Cure Catalyst

FRLSQCAT – Royal Lac Post Catalyzed

FSB1.5K/FSB3K – Filler, System Three, 2 Part Epoxy (SB112) 1.5 Pt. Kit – PART A and B

FSC32 – Cardinal Sealer

FSLC128/FSLC32 – Cardinal Satin Lacquer

FSG – Finishes, Preval Sprayer

FSLP/FSLQ– Seal-Laq 

FSMC15 – Bob Smith Mid-Cure Epoxy

FSP – Finishes, Liquid Polishing Compounds, Super Fine polish, 8 oz. 

FSQC5 – Bob Smith Quick-Cure Epoxy

FSSC30 – Bob Smith Slow-Cure Epoxy

FST1Q – Filler, System Three, silica thickener, 1 qt.

FSTA – Dye, alcohol-soluble, amber

FSTAW – Dye, water-soluble, amber

FSTBK – Dye, alcohol-soluble, black

FSTBKW – Dye, water-soluble, black

FSTBL – Dye, alcohol-soluble, blue

FSTBLW Dye, water-soluble, blue

FSTB – Dye, alcohol-soluble, brown

FSTBW Dye, water-soluble, brown

FSTPW – Dye, water-soluble, purple

FSTR – Dye, alcohol-soluble, red

FSTRW – Dye, water-soluble, red

FSTY – Dye, alcohol-soluble, yellow

FSTYW – Dye, water-soluble, yellow

FTAQ – Dye, aqua TransTint, 2 oz.

FTBK – Dye, black TransTint, 2 oz.

FTBL – Dye, blue TransTint, 2 oz.

FTBM – Dye, brown mahogany TransTint, 2 oz.

FTBR – Dye, bright red TransTint, 2 oz.

FTBTS – Dye, Universal tint color, burnt sienna, 2 oz.

FTBU– Dye, Universal tint color, burnt umber, 2 oz.

FTC32 – Cardinal Lacquer Thinner

FTCB – Dye, coffee brown TransTint, 2 oz. 

FTDVM – Dye, dark vintage maple TransTint, 2 oz.

FTDW – Dye, dark walnut TransTint, 2 oz.

FTG – Dye, green TransTint, 2 oz.

FTGB – Dye, Golden Brown TransTint, 2 oz. 

FTKTM98/FTKTM932 – Finishes, KTM clear (lacquer-like) waterbase finish, 8 oz./1 qt.

FTHA – Dye, honey amber TransTint, 2 oz.

FTLB – Dye, universal tint color, lampblack, 2 oz.

FTLY – Dye, lemon yellow TransTint, 2 oz.

FTMB – Dye, mission brown TransTint, 2 oz.

FTMBR – Dye, medium brown TransTint, 2 oz.

FTNB– Dye, navy blue TransTint, 2 oz. 

FTP – Dye, purple TransTint, 2 oz.

FTPR – Dye, perfect red TransTint, 2 oz.

FTRB – Dye, reddish brown TransTint, 2 oz.

FTVDB – Dye, universal tint color, Van Dyke brown, 2 oz.

FTW– Dye, universal tint color, white, 2 oz.

FWGF, FWGFPT, FWGFQT – Crystalac Pore Filler

FZPOXY – Filler, Z-poxy finishing resin, 12 oz.

RECONSTITUTED STONE Recon Stone Inlay Material

ROCKLITE – Fingerboards, headplates, binding, etc.

TFO – Tri-Flow non-aerosol lubricant, 2 oz. bottle

TFOD – Tri-Flow Superior Dry Lubricant, 2 oz. bottle