Help With Your Order

Please tell us what you want.

Our overriding policy is simple. LMI wants to be your source for guitar woods, materials, supplies, and tools, and we are committed to making sure that you are happy with your purchase. We invite you to mention in the special instructions box on the checkout page exactly what you are looking for, especially in the case of wood items. We take pride in taking the extra effort to help you make your project a success.

Want to talk to someone in person? We welcome your calls and during business hours, there’s always someone live to answer your call.

For information on shipping, returns, etc. see the menu items to the left.

Credit Card Payment Processing

When you place an order using a credit card or PayPal, we follow the standard practice of preauthorizing the card or PayPal for the amount of the order. The process of preauthorizing tells us that you have sufficient funds for your order and puts a hold on that amount. When your order ships, we get paid. This payment process is called postauthorizing. This process clears the preauthorization and actually takes the money from your card or PayPal account (or bank account if you are using a debit card).

If your order never ships (because of a backorder, for example), the preauthorization clears after anywhere from 6-30 days, depending on your bank’s policy. If your order ships and the amount of the order is less than the preauthorization, the actual amount of the order is charged to the card and the preauthorization clears.

If you add to an order, your bank sometimes makes it necessary for us to pre-authorize the card a second time so that we can be assured of getting our funds when the order ships. In this situation, the original preauthorization is voided and a new amount is authorized. There may be a short delay while the first authorization if voided – unfortunately, that is out of our control.

Resale Customers

If you have a resale account with the state of California and want to apply it to your purchases at LMI, we must have it on file before your order is placed. Complete the California Resale Form and return it to us by attaching it to your contact email and we’ll apply it to your account. Please allow 24 hours to process your certificate.