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Ukulele Sizes

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Our ukulele wood offerings reflect the four main ukulele sizes. Unlike many of the guitar size designations, the uke sizes do not refer to specific factory models —such as the Martin Dreadnought. For this reason, you will find small variations in what one person and another call a ‘soprano’, for example.  This goes for the…
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Tuner No-Nos

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Your body is built, the neck is on and now it’s time to install your tuners. Beginners beware! What should be an easy enough procedure can turn into a nightmare if you don’t take steps to make sure things go well. Here are a few tips to guarantee success and move you effortlessly towards the…
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Peghead Design

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Traditionally, a luthier’s peghead shape remains consistent from one instrument to the next. It is his or her thumbprint, a marker that can be seen and identified from a far-away seat in the concert hall. Keep in mind that this tradition took root in the classical milieu where a brand or name is not typically…
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