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Rosette Installation

When it comes to rosette installation, we have you covered. LMI offers the greatest selection of inlay materials and tools anywhere—at great prices and with FREE SHIPPING in the US!

Materials—the list is long! You can find choices under Inlay Materials and also under purflings and under wood strips. Additionally, we offer dozens and dozens of pre-made rosettes. Here you can discover our legendary line of beautiful classical mosaic rosettes. The marquetry rosettes made in Russia are particularly beautiful and detailed. Check out our colored rosette sticks if you are interested in creating your own mosaic designs. For steel string guitars check out the vintage Martin-style herringbone designs (with several options) and a wide range of exotic wood, single-ring rosettes in a wide variety of species and sizes (including ukulele). Many of our steel string rosettes can be purchased with purfling lines bundled with them.
Shell is a popular choice for many steel string rosettes. We carry slab material, longer Ablam curved strips, and flexible Zipflex strips (a great time-saver!). Among our purflings and wood strips are various laminates of black and white made of fiber and/or maple wood. Use the filters on or website to help you sort through the myriad choices.
For tooling look at our Drill Press Rosette Cutter (especially good if you are doing the same rosette a number of times) or our ‘Cadillac’ LMI Plunge Router Base -an amazing tool which is well suit to routing rosette troughs and a number of other critical lutherie tasks. With both these tools, you will the assistance of the Rosette/Circle Cutter invaluable for scoring clean, true lines. And when it comes to router bits, we have dozens of quality choices and something for every job imaginable.