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Climate Control – July 2016

We are pretty spoiled here in Northern California when it comes to weather and humidity, but we understand the summer weather can make woodworking difficult for many folks. So, we do everything we can to make it easier for you.

All our wood is slowly dried to the optimal moisture content by our experienced staff. Many customers have echoed that our wood preparation is second to none, and we are very proud of our reputation. All woods ship ready to use, but during the summer months (more so than other times of the year) it is best to let the wood acclimate to your shop for at least a week before building. Of course, this assumes some common sense humidity control in your working environment.

Our informative article Wood Drying & Storage contains essential information on this topic and we encourage you to look at it. If budget is a concern, you need only to condition a closet or cabinet where you store your wood and not your entire shop. Nonetheless, you will need to be careful to avoid doing any delicate building procedures during humid times. These include bracing and gluing your acoustic top woods and any sort of finish work. If your schedule allows, you can focus on other tasks when the weather isn’t ideal such as fretwork and neck carving.

It’s important to remember that whenever wood ships from one climate to another, there exists the possibility that the wood will ‘move’ due to the change in conditions. Be sure and look over the items in your order as soon as you receive them. It’s rare that things will not be perfect, but in those cases, take note of what you’ve found (photos are useful) and call or email us right away. So long as you are prompt and have not done any work to the wood, we guarantee that we can make things right. Our easy return policy can be found here.

We have been preparing fine lutherie woods and shipping them to every corner of the earth, for decades now. We value the trust you put in us and we hope to be the first place you turn to for fine tonewoods.