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One Stop Shopping – June 2016

We understand that people like to shop around, but our goal for many years has been to be a ‘one-stop shop’. A great many of our customers appreciate that LMI offers this convenience and take advantage of it. Guaranteed, these customers are spending more time at the workbench and less time at the computer – and they are paying less in shipping charges.

To offer this kind of convenience means that we have to be committed to branching out and embracing new trends. We also need to pay close attention to our customers. For this reason, we attend and support all the major lutherie trade shows: ASIA (Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans), GAL (Guild of American Luthiers), NAMM, and our local lutherie club, NCAL. When we can, we also visit our customer’s workshops and factories to get ideas. Still, most good suggestions come by email.

Luthiers far and wide let us know about the brands that work for them. Sure, they may be available elsewhere, but if a company (in our business, it’s usually a small company) has developed a worthwhile product that is unique, identifiable and has a well-known track record, we know our customers will relish the chance to include it in their order. Brands like Satellite City adhesives, Klemmsia clamps, Transtint dyes, Chemcraft fillers, Tri-flow lubricants, DMT Diamond sharpening stones, Ibex planes, Grobet files, Nomad polishes, plus finishes from KTM9, Seagrave, Cardinal and many, many, more are all available from LMI. Our customers need not be wary of generic offerings and can add these respected brands to their shopping cart along with whatever else they find in our store – taking advantage of our quick shipping and easy return policy.

We are proud to make available just about everything you’d need to help you make the finest guitar possible.