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NAMM SHOW 2016 – February 2016

Every January sees the return of the NAMM show –the industry-wide trade show held in Anaheim, California, where buyers, makers, and sellers of every possible musical product gather to bolster their business. LMI no longer exhibits at the show, but LMI Sales Manager Chris Herrod was there for all four days to visit customers and suppliers. Also on board for part of the show were Natalie Swango and Kallen Gillespie, who focused on meeting vendors.

Before the onset of the show, Herrod was able to visit luthier Gabriel Currey’s Echopark Guitars in Los Angeles. This small but growing company is producing a variety of vintage-inspired custom electrics
that have moved into the hands of prominent rockers and LA studio veterans alike. LMI is proud to be a part of their success, supplying a wide variety of essential shop supplies and woods. Everything from truss rods to plastic binding  to our own LMI FGX glue .

Later that day, Herrod was invited to speak to SIMSCAL –the Orange country luthiers club and educational organization. The main topic was wood scarcity (See 3-part article, below) and the challenges facing the guitarmaking world caused by the mounting difficulty of sourcing exotic woods – especially with a transparent chain-of-custody paper trail. Also discussed were how to best use LMI and other companies to deliver the woods you need. This involves learning about the woods to such a degree that you can accurately convey to your suppliers what you need.

At the NAMM show, we engaged in a caravan of meetings with representatives from most of today’s notable instrument factories to discuss needs for the coming year. It’s a fantastic industry where most of our customers and suppliers have become our friends over the years.