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LMI VIDEOS – March 2015

Robbie O’Brien is one of the hardest working people in lutherie, Besides being a tireless student of the craft himself, he has in a relatively short time risen to become one of the preeminent teachers of guitar making in the world. Robbie’s plain-spoken, easy-going manner brings light and clarity to some of the most difficult procedures in guitarmaking. He appeals to scores of people, both professional and amateur, in his popular DVD series, in online courses, in hands-on courses and in the scores of videos he has produced for the internet. Somehow in the midst of teaching and producing videos, Robbie continues to make spectacular guitars of all types (classical mainly) under the O’Brien Guitars brand.

Fortunately for us here at LMI, Robbie has been a great fan of our company, so when a need for video content arose we were quick to reach out to him. We now enjoy an ongoing partnership, the result of which has embellished our website with expert video instructions for our tools, clever and helpful tips (Tips DuJour) and full instrument building instruction. Professional, erudite, industrious and one of the nicest and most patient guys in the industry, we couldn’t be more pleased to be allied with Robbie.

Now, in addition to the video gallery on our website and the tutorials appearing throughout the site to accompany various tools, we have made most of the O’Brien produced videos (and many of the old “classic” Healdsburg Guitar Festival videos as well) available through the popular YouTube website. Be sure to sign into YouTube and subscribe to all three of the LMI video channels so you can receive prompt notification when new videos are posted. Here are the links: