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Repair Stuff – September 2014

As you peruse the LMI website, it will become obvious to you that our emphasis is on acoustic instrument making. Other companies put their emphasis on electric guitar components, on specific woods or on repair gizmos.

Now, we can’t claim to have absolutely everything for every situation, but being a “one-stop shop” is an aspect of LMI that we take very seriously. The benefits of this approach for the customer (lower shipping costs, time saved) are significant. To that end, we have always been committed to developing innovative, professional tools and products specific to the repair shop.

The latest product we have introduced is our line of Martin repair bridges. These are meticulously designed and crafted to meet the expectations of the most demanding vintage guitar repair job. With just in time shipping, reasonable pricing and quality you can count on (with a variety of useful bridge profiles available) this line of repair bridges has been welcomed as a godsend by repair shops around the world.

In the tool department, we are excited to present our Fret Tang Filer. With ordinary tang nippers, you are forced to finish up the wire with a file. Our tool accurately and quickly files away the tang to perfection – and works on stainless and EVO wire where nippers typically fail.

What to do when a customer needs a taller saddle or nut? Instead of making a brand new one, often it is quicker and better to use one of our fantastic bone shims. Superglue it the bottom and sand or file to match the profile of the existing piece –and Voila!

Of course, repair people have long benefitted from LMI’s huge inventory of headplate veneers, soundboard material, bindings, and purflings. When you need to match a piece for replacement in a repair situation, LMI’s website should be the first place to look.

Replacing pickguards is a common job in a repair shop. Our fantastic Tortis pickguards are pictured individually, so you can select the very one you want!

Additionally, we carry a wide variety of thermal repair blankets (with temperature control), a telescoping light w/mirror, a digital depth gauge and string height gaugeacoustic pickupselectric pickups and a wide assortment of specialty files, knives, adhesives and finish products, most of which are available no place else!