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Our Expanded Shop, Professional Tools and LMI Shop Services – May 2014

It’s been ten years now since we moved from our old spot in Healdsburg, California to where we are now in Windsor, CA. That move was motivated by a need to quicken our shipping operation and the result was industry-wide renown for quick delivery backed up by our ASAP shipping guarantee. We were also able to modernize our woodshop and greatly expand our wood drying and processing operations after the move.

It wasn’t much later that we bought our first CNC router and began to bring our tool manufacturing and design in-house. Well, as many of you know, tool acquisition is a bit of an addiction and now we are up to 4 CNC’s –and the need to expand has visited us again!

Luckily, space opened up right nearby and it’s perfect for our expanding tool production. We’ve moved the CNCs over there along with the parts assembly work and our design stations. The main focus is on our successful line of tools we call the “LMI Professional” line. These include cool jigs like our bending and binding machines, guitar molds, temperature controller, go-bar deck, joining jig, fret tang filer and many, many, more –with new ideas in constant development. It’s pretty fun!

And now with all that equipment out of our main facility, we have space to bring in a lot more lumber! We have huge slabs of flamed Mahogany, Peruvian Walnut, Panamanian Rosewood and many other species stored there and waiting their turn at the band saw to be turned in to exquisite guitar parts! Some will be offered as limited, special runs (something we shied away from when we had to commit products to a paper catalog) –so remember to keep an eye on this page. We’ll post new products here as soon as they become available!

Our ‘shop services’ have benefited from this expansion as well. Side bending, top and back joining, resaw work, rosette inlay and much more. Did you know that we can now slot any scale length you need? Our fret slots are made using an ultra-precise CNC controlled radial saw blade which follows the fingerboard’s radius and we can include any number of frets. These and other specs are easy to select and include using our custom fret slotting service on the fingerboard slotting page. It’s a real time and money saver to have the LMI shop do so some of the mundane work for you!