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At the beginning of each year representatives from LMI visit the leading music products trade show, the NAMM show, held in Anaheim, CA. It’s an overwhelming feast for the senses, with just about everything music related (drums, software, speakers, microphones, trumpets, cables, straps, guitars and much more) all represented in one loud, crowded, sprawling complex. We meet with wood suppliers, makers of parts and tools and with our customers from around the world to avail them of our products, especially our broad line of tonewoods.

There is plenty of new business to be made but often we meet with old customers (now old friends, in most cases) who have ordered with us regularly for years. This year, one compliment we heard again and again from them was how pleased they are with our wood preparation, especially compared to their experiences with other suppliers. Manufacturers know how costly it can be to spend time dealing with unstable and mis-dimensioned wood, and how time-consuming and troublesome it is to dry and prepare it themselves. They expressed to us how grateful they were that they were able to move the tonewoods they got from LMI from the box or pallet directly into production without worry or hassle.

Of course, all our woods are treated the same, whether they are destined for a factory, small high-end shop, professional luthier or weekend warrior. Our wood processing staff are experienced and committed to making sure that every piece we ship is ready to work. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t employ some simple precautions to make sure your wood acclimates to the conditions in your shop.