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O'Brien Guitars Online Courses

Years of advice to shorten your learning curve!

The courses here are taught either by Robbie O'Brien of O'Brien Guitars/Lutherie Academy or by Robbie in collaboration with other skilled instructors. Each instrument course takes you from beginning to end in digestible chapters that you can watch as many times as needed until you get the concept. When you purchase these courses, you also can gain access to Robbie's invitation-only chat group where you can participate with new and experienced builders and get advice and encouragement from Robbie. A couple of the courses have in-depth downloadable course notes. These are the same courses (at the same price) that are available at the Lutherie Academy  - one-stop shopping!

To date, Robbie has personally supervised the building of well over 600 guitars made by students in Colorado, from teenagers to retirees. Several of his students relocated to Colorado specifically to study with him.

As a teacher, Robbie’s influence extends internationally. The DVDs that Robbie made for his early students have guided thousands more guitar builders who purchased guitar materials from Luthiers Mercantile. Several years ago, Robbie introduced the popular “Luthier Tips du Jour” instructional video series, which is available free on YouTube. Viewings have topped 8 million.

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