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One of a Kind Sale Items

WOW, That sale went well. Sorry, but we sold out of all of our one-of-a-kind items.

One of a Kind means just that. This is where we put our one-off items and where you can save big bucks! We might have made a mistake in the scale length or the number of slots on the fingerboards. Maybe we chose the wrong rosette to inlay into the soundboard. Perhaps a pitch-pocket showed up when we were sanding the top. We attempt to be perfectly clear in describing the items here, but as always you can call us or email to inquire about additional details. Not all items are defective. Please read the details and look at the photos carefully. Unlike our other customized items, anything purchased here can be returned if it isn't what you were after. 

Feel free to call or email if you have further questions about any of these specials.