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Innovative Tools Made by LMI

At Luthiers Mercantile, we pride ourselves on developing a wide variety of jigs, fixtures, and luthier tools to help make instrument-making easier and more productive for you. Found in luthier workshops around the world, many consider these jigs to be indispensable. Among the best known are our side bending machine (our bending machine expands on the Fox Side Bending Machine that we offered for years), the LMI binding machine, plate joining jig, go-bar deck, headstock slotting jig, vacuum work holder and many more. We also have produced numerous guitar repair tools. The fret tang filer (which replaces the fret tang nipper), straight edges and sanding beams, guitar templates, bridge clamps for bridge repair, string height gauge, depth gauge, and vacuum bridge clamp. Our luthier tools contain features found nowhere else and complement any guitar making workshop.