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Rotary Plunge Tool

This tool is being redesigned and we don't currently have a release date for it.

The rigid, compact, open base design allows you to clearly see your work area. The ridges machined into the base make it easy to hold and move, and the straight sides allow for the easy use of a fence. The plunge slider makes for quick, precise, repeatable plunge movement with no need for locking - just slide/plunge and cut. There is an easy access fine depth adjustment making on-the-fly depth changes a breeze. The counter-balance springs provide just the right amount of spring action to offset the tool being used. An anti-vibration system assures there is no slop in the depth of cut adjustments. The anti-vibration adjustment prevents tool vibration from affecting the fine depth adjustment and altering the depth of cut - no locking! Maintenance-free graphite dry-lubricated linear bearings keep the plunge action from binding.

Our plunge base supports 3 popular rotary tools – Dremel, Foredom #30 handpiece, and Proxxon. Because the Dremel adaptor is threaded and not the RTPB itself, the Dremel tool can be oriented so that the power switch is in a convenient position. The Proxxon adaptor is a simple sleeve and the Foredom tool needs no adaptor meaning all tool orientations can be changed easily. 

This tool is going through a rework and we don't expect to have it available for quite awhile. The accessories on this page are still available.