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Many consider a guitar’s bracing patterns to be key to the instrument's tone and longevity. It is important to select the proper tonewood for the instrument you are working on. Normally, the guitar is braced with the same wood that is used for the top. So, use Sitka Spruce to brace a Sitka top, German Spruce to brace a German top, and so on. However, some guitar builders find occasion to use an exceptionally stiff species, such as Adirondack Spruce, on a top that needs extra support, such as Cedar or Redwood. The bracing patterns that are used are a topic of wide-ranging conjecture and conversation among luthiers as their effect on guitar tone can be critical. Normally it’s only after building a number of instruments that a luthier has begun to gain an understanding of how the brace’s stiffness, height, and mass, along with their positioning on the top, affect the guitar’s sound. Until one gains this understanding, it is advised that one stick close to the time-tested dimensions shown on one of our many instrument plans. In addition to soundboard bracing material, we also carry hardwood bracewood for bracing the back (and sometimes the sides). 

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