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Bubinga Backs and Sides

Pommele Bubinga by Bob Rigaud 

Bubinga is a wood that comes with a variety of different appearances and grain patterns. The coloration doesn't veer too far from the earthy, red tone that Bubinga is known for. However on some of the pommele sets we have, the unique blonde sections can extend across half the width (or more) of the piece, and a few are entirely blonde. Under finish, the blonde coloration darkens to a pleasing brown color.

*Plain: These sets have straight grain and very even, attractive color.  Bubinga in general is not difficult to work with, but the Plain sets offer the best workability. 

*Bees-Wing figure: The most common figure we see in Bubinga is 'Bees-wing'. Beautifully iridescent under finish, Bees-wing figure looks a lot like it sounds with unique patterns crisscrossing across the grain. 

*Waterfall figure: Similar in some ways to a broad curl pattern, Waterfall figure presents large, overlapping, sine patterns down the length of the grain line. 

*Pommelle: More like quilt than anything, the densely, compressed pillow shapes seen in wood with pommelle figure are dramatic and breathtaking. The pommelle Bubunga sets we have are extremely rare and sought after. We have held on to these for a while, and have not seen lumber with figure like this pop up in many years.