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Abies Project Acoustic Guitar Soundboards

The Abies Project, launched in 2020 by Wood ‘n’ Tones, is based on the collaboration of Ph.D. Physicist Simone Bonanomi and his friend Andrea Corsini, with American luthiers Richard Jaouen,  and Chris Jenkins.

The luthiers meet annually, and communicate often, to compare their results in finished guitars: using the data from the raw tops, as well as spectrograms, Chladni patterns, and monopole mobility measurements in the finished guitars, they are constantly working to perfect the wood selection algorithm we use to pick the best tops for creating responsive guitars. The result is the selection of the best soundboards for guitar in terms of responsiveness.

The project relies heavily on the research in the field of tonewood study conducted by Trevor Gore.

There are three aesthetic classifications for these special soundboards: NIX (which means ‘snow’) are the clearest and most white tops. URSA tops have some element of bearclaw in the wood. AURA, while capable of producing the highest quality sound, may have some slight color, as well as grainline variations.