Royal Blackwood Back and Sides

Royal Blackwood is created using a proprietary torrefaction process that renders natural hardwood pure black, retaining the wood's natural grain and workability.

  • Dried to 8% and stabilized through torrefaction

  • Glues, works, sands, and machines like natural wood

  • Density falls right between Ebony and Indian Rosewood

  • Not dyed! The color penetrates the wood evenly and does not react to glues, moisture, or solvents

  • Sustainably forested, freely exportable

  • Priced well below true ebony

Royal blackwood has been a tremendous hit as a fingerboard/bridge material. It is a low-cost, solid wood alternative to Ebony. We received a few sets recently so that we could see if it performs well as a back and side wood. According to tests in our shop, and in the shops of other luthiers, we are very encouraged. The sides bent well, but the wood is torrified, so it is somewhat brittle. Bending a very tight waist or cutaway might be challenging. Otherwise, there is no cause for concern. Let us know what you think!

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