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Legacy Tonewoods

Legacy Tonewoods

Retiring from lutherie? Have too much wood (is that possible?)? Luthiers Mercantile is on the lookout to purchase your carefully stored and aged woods. We call these 'Legacy Tonewoods'. We have prepared a firm set of guidelines (Legacy Wood Guidelines) that you should carefully read over to determine if the wood you have is suitable for us to purchase. You will need to carefully examine all the wood to see if it matches our size specifications and our standards for quality. In a nutshell, we are not looking for odd shapes, rejects, or lumber. But if you have nice-looking sets in resell quality, we are in a position to purchase them from you at a fair price. Selling wood to Luthiers Mercantile will save you countless hours negotiating with strangers, posting on eBay, haggling over grading and quality issues -and possibly exposing yourself to fraud and rip-offs. We have been in the tonewood business for over 25 years and our reputation for honesty, fairness, and square deals is well known. Call or email to see how we can help you make room in our shop, and put money in your pocket!