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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for dad. Buy one chisel (CHXX) (the 10mm is a good choice) or more to create a handsome set. Our nut file set (FISET) is used on every guitar that dad builds, and every repair project. It’s a complete and high-quality file set for nuts and saddles. TheDigital String Height Gauge (DSHG) is a better way to take this essential measurement. It's popular with precision minded dads who are either building or repairing guitars. The Rotary Tool Plunge Assembly for Dremel, Foredom or Proxxon (RTPBX) is our "Cadillac" router base which is especially coveted for inlay work but is a go-to tool during many phases of guitar making. The brass glue pot (FGBP) is beautiful, well-balanced, and exquisitely made. This glue pot should last for decades and will bring an aura of old world charm and craftsmanship to Dad’s workbench. The String Action Gauge (SHGD) is made of stainless steel. This durable tool helps dad to easily measure the height of strings, pickups, neck relief, and other critical measurements. The Schneider brace shaving plane (PLRS) is made exclusively by LMI to provide comfort and precision during the tonally critical job of shaping the guitars braces.