“I keep meaning to send an email and let you know that I got the prem. Indian Rosewood and was very pleased. You all at LMII have always given me great reason for trust in doing business with you. You have always treated me well and in a prompt and professional fashion. You have always helped with any problems that I might. have. Your staff is knowledgeable and professional and the materials have been great. You guys run the type of business that makes me look for things I need that I can get from you. If that doesn't work (look for things I might need in the future). Thank you for giving me a place where I can buy my materials with confidence.”

Michael M.

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SafetyDataSheetLOGO400OSHA Brief - Hazard Communication Standard:
Safety Data Sheets

The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) (29 CFR 1910.1200(g)), revised in 2012, requires that the chemical manufacturer, distributor, or importer provide Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) (formerly MSDSs or Material Safety Data Sheets) for each hazardous chemical to downstream users to communicate information on these hazards.  

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LMI will be adding Safety Data Sheets slowly over time.
We will continue to list SDS's for discontinued items for our customer's convenience.
If your product is not listed below, contact us at 1-800-477-4437email us, and we will send you one.

Listed below are links to SDSs
(formerly MSDSs):

1. Adhesives, CA glue, Accelerator, hot, 2 oz. FGHA1
2. Adhesives, Oak and Teak epoxy, 2 part, 12 oz. PART A FGOT1/FGOT12
3. Adhesives, Oak and Teak epoxy, 2 part, 12 oz. PART B FGOT1/FGOT12
4. Adhesives, LMI Yellow Instrument Glue, 8 oz./1 gallon FGX/FGX128
5. Dye Concentrate, Acetone-base, blue, 2oz. FMDYBL
6. Dye, honey amber TransTint, 2 oz. FTHA
7. Dye, reddish brown TransTint, 2 oz. FTRB
8. Dye, medium brown TransTint, 2 oz. FTMBR
9. Dye, dark walnut TransTint, 2 oz. FTDW
10. Dye, mission brown TransTint, 2 oz. FTMB
11. Dye, brown mahogany TransTint, 2 oz. FTBM
12. Dye, dark vintage maple TransTint, 2 oz. FTDVM
13. Dye, coffee brown TransTint, 2 oz.  FTCB
14. Dye, lemon yellow TransTint, 2 oz. FTLY
15. Dye, bright red TransTint, 2 oz. FTBR
16. Dye, blue TransTint, 2 oz. FTBL
17. Dye, black TransTint, 2 oz. FTBK
18. Dye, purple TransTint, 2 oz. FTP
19. Dye, green TransTint, 2 oz. FTG
20. Dye, Universal tint color, Burnt Sienna, 2 oz. FTBTS
21. Filler, Aqua Coat Clear Filler, 16 oz. FACPT
22. Filler, System Three, Clear Coat, 2 Part Epoxy 1.5 Pt Kit - PART A FCC1.5/FCC3K
23.  Filler, System Three, Clear Coat, 2 Part Epoxy 1.5 Pt Kit - PART B FCC1.5/FCC3K
24.  Filler, System Three, 2 Part Epoxy (SB112) 1.5 Pt. Kit - PART A FSB1.5K/FSB3K
25.  Filler, System Three, 2 Part Epoxy (SB112) 1.5 Pt. Kit - PART B FSB1.5K/FSB3K
26.  Filler, System Three, silica thickener, 1 qt. FST1Q
27. Filler, Z-poxy finishing resin, 12 oz. FZPOXY
28. Finishes, Burn-in lacquer stick, black/clear, 3/4 oz. FLS/FLSC
29.  Finishes, Fingerboard Oil FFOA
30. Finishes, KTM clear (lacquer-like) waterbase finish, 8 oz./1 qt. FTKTM98/FTKTM932
31.  Finishes, Liquid Polishing Compounds, Fine polish, 8 oz.  FFP
32.  Finishes, Liquid Polishing Compounds, Super Fine polish, 8 oz.  FSP
33. Finishes, Preval Sprayer FSG
34. Finishes, Shellac & French Polishing Materials, Pumice for filling and padding, 1 lb. FPPUM
35. Finishes, Shellac & French Polishing Materials, Rottenstone for polishing, 1 lb. FPROT
36. Tools & Services, Clamps & Vises, Friendly Plastic, 18 oz. container CFP