“Just stumbled upon your website, after beginning a search to start a long-held desire to build an instrument, and all I can say is, "WOW'!!!! What an absolute treasure trove of delights, information, goodies! I look forward to ordering the fruits of a trawl through your extensive, if not mind-blowing array of products! WOW!"

David X


Swartzia cubensis
Katalox (pronounced "CAT-a-loash") has purple and deep red highlights, dark lines and interesting layers of black, grey and dark brown make this a really remarkable wood to look at and promises to contribute to some truly memorable instruments. 
It's heavy and dense (denser than most Rosewoods, less so than Ebony) with a loud, clear and commanding tap tone with a quick, bright attack. There is a lot of variety with this wood, so take your time looking at the current options in our photo gallery.  Often we have sets with some nice bee's wing figure! Katalox comes from the Eastern forests of Central America and the supply is relatively plentiful, though it's possible we may experience some delays in the supply chain from time to time.