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Vacuum Work Holder

  • VACUUMVacWorkHolderwithFittingsVWH600
    Vacuum Work Holder, VWH,
    with included fittings.
    Panavise Assembly, PVISE

    The LMI
    Vacuum Work Holder

    with Robert O'Brien

    Manufactured and assembled in USA. USFlag75
  • Compact size of  9” x 8” x 5-1/2”  can easily be stored away when not in use.
  • The vacuum work holder creates over 400lbs of clamping force with our SPVP vacuum pump (at 22in Hg vacuum).
  • The ball head vise is supersized for stability and instrument safety (75 lb support capability at 45°).
  • A single knob controls ball head clamping through 3-planes: 90° tilt, 360° head rotation and 360° vise ball rotation - tightening engages clamping in 3 stages; first the tilt locks, then head rotation, and finally vise ball rotation.
  • The mounting base is oversized for temporary bench clamping and is also pre-drilled for permanent mounting.

Our versatile Vacuum Work Holder System consists of two parts (sold separately):

  1. The aluminum vacuum work holder head, VWH, comes with a quick connect tube fitting sized for our SPVACTU 1/4" vacuum tubing. There is a second tapped port available for accessories.The vacuum work holder has both a radius and soft gasket material to conform to the arch of both the back and top of the body.
  2. The Panavise® 3-axis ball-head vise, PVISE, mounted to a plywood base.

The accessory kit, VWHAK, consists of a dump valve that allows you to quickly release the vacuum from the fixture you are using, and a one-way check valve that prevents vacuum loss for approximately 10 seconds should you lose power or have a pump failure, preventing a sudden loss of vacuum in a critical situation. The vacuum dump valve also allows instantaneous re-positioning of the instrument on the work holder (compared to turning off the vacuum pump and waiting for the vacuum to drop).


VACUUMVacWorkHolderAccessoryKitVWHAK400 VACUUMQuickConnectforTubingSPVACPC350 VACUUMVacWorkHolderTUBING300 VACUUMgasketforWorkHolderSPVACPG500
Accessory kit,
Quick connector, SPVACPC Vacuum tubing,
Gasket material,

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
VWH Vacuum Work Holder (PVISE sold separately)
Yes $162.00
PVISE Panavise Assembly
Yes $53.75
VWHAK Vacuum Work Holder Accessory Kit
Yes $35.95
SPVACPC Quick connector for 1/4" tubing (SPVACTU)
Yes $4.90
SPVACTU Vacuum tubing, 1/4" i.d.(3/8" o.d.), per yard
Yes $3.50
SPVACPG Vacuum gasket material for VWH (per foot)
Yes $3.10