Hello! My first-ever order arrived today. I had ordered some wood items and they are GORGEOUS! Smooth, perfectly flat!, and the woods themselves - with each one I pulled out, I just kept saying, WOW!, *WOW*!!!, over and over.  And thank you so much for the beautiful piece of East Indian Rosewood - it was described as "2nd grade" I believe, and I asked for a reddish color if possible, and I think this piece is absolutely stunning! These really exceeded my expectations! Thank you!"

 -Kris from Texas

Vacuum Accessories



VACUUMtubing200 VACUUMgasketmaterialSPVACPG200



Vacuum technology can really help speed up gluing and improve the quality of the bond by applying even pressure over the whole piece and eliminating "hot spots" that can occur with regular clamps. The SPVACPRUB32 is the same material we use in our vacuum bridge clamp (SPVACPB). Use this to create your own inventive vacuum fixtures.

The SPVACDVC Check/Dump Valve allows you to quickly release the vacuum from the fixture you are using, but it also prevents vacuum loss for a very short while should you loose power or have a pump failure, preventing a sudden loss of vacuum in a critical situation.

Please note:
Vacuum sheeting is sold by the foot in either a 36" or 47" width.
(The average size needed for a brace clamping fixture is approx. 32" x 32")

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
SPVACDCV Check/dump valve for vacuum system
Yes $71.84
SPVACPC Quick connector for 1/4" tubing (SPVACTU)
Yes $6.70
SPVACPPC Quick connector for .160" tubing (SPVACPT)
Yes $5.56
SPVACTU Vacuum tubing, 1/4" i.d.(3/8" o.d.), per yard
Yes $3.97
SPVACPT Vacuum tubing, .160" i.d. (1/4" o.d.), per yard
Yes $3.97
SPVACPG Vacuum gasket material for VWH (per foot)
Yes $3.52
SPVACPBG Replacement gasket for SPVACPB
Yes $8.90
SPVACPMUFF Replacement muffler for vacuum pump
Yes $18.37
SPVACPRUB Vacuum sheeting, tan gum rubber
Yes $18.54
SPVACPRUB32 Vacuum sheeting, black neoprene
Yes $17.69
SPVACVINYL Vacuum sheeting, 10 mil (.010") clear vinyl
Yes $6.43


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