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Jack Fishing Tool

SpecialtyJackfishingtoolinUse2EEJ450Once again, Frank Ford has come up with a great tool idea. Simply thread your jack fishing tool through the hole you have pre-drilled in your endblock and up through your soundhole/f-hole. Snap your pre-wired end pin jack onto the installer pull back through the guitar. Install washers and nuts and tighten. Jack installation couldn't be easier.

Frank designed this tool in 3 configurations so it can be used in almost every type of guitar. The eighteen inch long rod provides easy access from the outside, so you can pull the jack down through the guitar's length to position it in the end pin hole. The short rod tool is great for pulling jacks up through the face of thinner body instruments, and the flexible rod tool allows you to reach inside more complex areas and is nice for working through f-holes.

jackfishtool05 jackfishtool02 SpecialtyJackfishingtoolEEJ400
Inserting the Jack Fishing tool. EEJK

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
EEJI1.5 End pin jack installer, 1.5" pin w/attached wire
Yes $9.95
EEJI6 End pin jack installer, 6" pin
Yes $8.95
EEJI18 End pin jack installer, 18" pin
Yes $12.23