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Fingerboard Slotting/Radiusing Service

Price per Unit (piece): $9.00

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LMI can produce any fret scale between 8.000" and 40.000"
Our CNC fret saw allows us to provide an unlimited number of scale lengths (from 8.0 - 40.0") and constant slot depth on radiused fingerboards (slot depth follows the board radius). 

  • Slotted Fingerboard - $9 per board  
  • Radiused Fingerboard - $9 per board 
  • Radiused and Slotted Fingerboard - $18 per board 

Allow 2 or 3 days for this service


NOTES: When slotting and radiusing fingerboards, we work off of the center line of the board. In other words, fret slots are perpendicular to the centerline of the board. We do not trim the boards at all, leaving you the ability to trim the board to the size you require.

The kerf of the fret slot measures approximately .024”. This size slot easily accommodates most (not all) standard fretwire sold by us and other suppliers.

How to fill out the entry box, below:

  1. Radius –  Restrictions: we are unable to radius mandolin boards, bass boards wider than 3.25, and birdseye maple board. Fingerboards must be our standard 5/16" thickness (no 1/4" boards). After radiusing fingerboards will measure 1/4" at the crown. Radiused boards will require some fine finish sanding. Our radius blocks work well for this task. Note: the 7.25" and 9.5" radii are restricted to 2.5" wide fingerboards. If you need one of these radii on a wider board, consider purchasing a radius block. 

  2. Space Behind Nut – Choose the amount of space you want behind the nut. We slot with a nut slot offset to correct for fret saw blade kerf for compensation purposes so that the bridge edge of the slot is at true zero. To bring the breakaway point of the nut slot closer to the bridge, it is easy to file away the amount of material desired. This method will not allow a zero fret.

  3. Slot Depth – The standard slot depth for flat and radiused fingerboards is 0.095". If you plan on working your flat board further (thinning substantially or radiusing after receipt) choose the deeper 0.145".

  4. Scale Length – Enter your scale length in inches to 3 places after the decimal point. To convert from millimeters to inches, divide the millimeters by 25.4 (Example: 650mm ÷ 25.4 = a scale length of 25.591 inches). This chart will give you a starting point for determining which scale might work for the instrument you are building.

  5. Number of Frets– Choose the number of frets from 10 to 34.
    Use the Fret Scale and Fingerboard Length Calculator 
    to determine how many frets will fit on the fingerboard of your choosing.

  6. Nut Position - Choose either the Standard or Zero Fret nut position option. The Standard nut slot moves the kerf back half the width of the slot. Our slots are .024”, so we move it back .012”. This puts the string’s break away point (the edge of the nut) at “true zero”. The Zero Fret option places the nut slot so that it is centered at the zero point of the scale. This works for those who install a zero fret – a fret at the nut position (with the actual nut getting placed just behind it to position the string spacing and guide the strings towards the tuning machines). Some players like a guitar with a zero fret as it helps eliminate the tonal differences between fretted and unfretted notes.

  7. Fingerboard – Fill in the fingerboard(s) in your order that you want this custom service applied to (Don't forget to add the actual fingerboard(s) to your cart). You can use our Fret Scale and Fingerboard Length Calculator (above) to determine if the board works for the services you want.