Hello! My first-ever order arrived today. I had ordered some wood items and they are GORGEOUS! Smooth, perfectly flat!, and the woods themselves - with each one I pulled out, I just kept saying, WOW!, *WOW*!!!, over and over.  And thank you so much for the beautiful piece of East Indian Rosewood - it was described as "2nd grade" I believe, and I asked for a reddish color if possible, and I think this piece is absolutely stunning! These really exceeded my expectations! Thank you!"

 -Kris from Texas

Flush Trim Router Bits

 See the SPCPF flush trim bit as used in Serge Lachapelle's shop.

The SPCPF heavy-duty flush trim router bit with bearings is an indispensable item in Tom Ribbecke's shop. He uses it for trimming out pegheads, top and back profiles, neck blanks, and many jobs where something heavier than a normal pattern router bit is needed. The angled blade of micro-grain carbide leaves a superb cut and will last forever. Tom said his cutter has taken a fair amount of abuse and still works like new. The bit has a 2" length of cut (LOC) , a cutter diameter of 3/4", and an overall length (OAL) of 3 5/8". It has a 1/2" shank, so it needs to be used with a larger router. We recommend using it with a 1 3/4 horsepower (or greater) router. It is important that the chuck is good, so avoid cheaper routers. Ribbecke recommends a Porter Cable but stresses that there are other quality routers on the market that will work well. Comes with bottom (or top) bearings and stop collar.



Our 3/8" bottom bearing flush cut bit, SPFTC375, is great for creating your own mdf templates or molds or for flush trimming your back or top before routing the binding ledge.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
SPCPF Router bit, carbide flush trim, bottom/top bearing w/stop collar, 3/4" cutter, 2" LOC, 1/2" shank, 3 5/8" OAL (including bearing) Yes $65.78
SPFTC375 Router bit, carbide flush trim bottom bearing, 3/8" cutter, 1" LOC, 1/4" shank, 2 3/4" OAL (including bearing)
Yes $18.85