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MAG-ic Probe Electronic Thickness Gauge

MAG-ic Probe measures thickness by the use of magnets.

MAG-ic Probe is an Electronic thickness gauge that is capable of accurately measuring the thickness of any non-ferromagnetic material. The primary design is geared toward the luthiery industry. The MAG-ic probe is designed to assist in measuring critical plate thicknesses when other tools do not work or are just too cumbersome. MAG-ic Probe provides an easy and affordable tool that can measure the thickness of large plates and is especially useful for measuring thicknesses on fully assembled instruments. Luthiers can obtain useful information in measuring thicknesses of vintage or classic instruments.

MAG-ic Probe uses magnetism to penetrate the material to be measured. A probe is applied to one surface of the plate and a ball is applied to the opposite side. These attract each other and the MAG-ic Probe tool will measure and display the thickness in both mils (1/1000th inch) and millimeters (mm)

MAG-ic Probe may be used to measure the thickness of any non-ferromagnetic material up to 15mm. This includes Plastics, Aluminum, Copper and composite sheet materials. 

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MAG-ic Probe Features:

  • All-in-One design with all electronics inside the handheld probe.
  • Powered by USB cable Uses MAG-ic Probe Companion Software to display measurements on a computer.
  • 16-bit A/D converter for added resolution.
  • Smartphone App for measurement display via Bluetooth LE when mobile and no computer is available.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Simplified magnet options.

 The MAG-ic Probe BLE comes with -

  • 2 magnets, a 1/2" ball for guitars, plates or any object where access is not restricted and a 1/4" (6.35mm) cylinder magnet which should fit into most f-holes of violins and mandolins.
  • The BLE Probe measuring 2.3" x 0.85" (60mm x 22mm).
  • a USB Cable for Attaching to your computer.
  • a Handy padded storage box.
  • Free Downloadable Software - MAG-ic Probe Lite Software allows you to upload a picture of the instrument or object you are measuring on your computer and record each measurement you make to that picture (See Software section for details). You must add the free software to your cart to be able to download it.

    OPTIONAL -the MAG-ic Probe PRO Software may be purchased which will allow you to transform your completed measurements into a full-color contour map to instantly visualize your thickness planes. (See Software section for details and videos.)

    Batteries not Included.

 See the MAG-ic Probe User Manual

HomepageVIDEOtipsRed75Luthier and Instructor Robert O'Brien
talks about and demonstrates how to use the

MAG-ic Probe Electronic Thickness Gauge

Note: This video features a previous version of the MAG-ic Probe, but the concept is the same.

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