Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that the Koa (B&S&T) is some of the finest, most beautiful, wood I have seen. (and I've been a woodworker for over 40 years). This is going to become an incredible guitar!!  



Abralon grip-backed 6" finishing di...Bone tieblock inlay, .080" x .080&q...

Japanese dozuki saw, .020"+/- kerfed blade
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Japanese dozuki saw, .020"+/- kerfed blade


The Japanese dozuki-style saw features greater sharpness than most western saws and an aggressive tooth-set that makes cutting far easier and faster. For common cutting tasks, many prefer to simply reach for this tool rather than bother with setting up a table saw. This saw has a multitude of uses including cutting dovetails and tenons for the neck joint. The saw should stay sharp and true for a long time, so long as you refrain from sawing back and forth (use only the pull stroke), but because the saw is so fine, it may be necessary to replace the blade(use SWDR), from time to time.

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SWD Japanese dozuki saw, .020"+/- kerfed blade Yes $48.25