“You guys are the best. I just received my order and literally every time i describe my specifications on how the fretboards should look you guys deliver 10/10. the two long scale indian rosewood fingerboards looks simply spectacular and the ziricote is glorious. I usually dont take the time to write these but this time I had to. Thanks for years of wonderful service guys. And if you can find the guys who helped pick my recent boards, make sure to personally tell them how happy I am."

Loyal Customer, AM

Fret Saw



This fine toothed backsaw (20 fully set teeth per inch) for cutting fret slots quickly cuts through Ebony or Rosewood, leaving a clean and precise slot. It has a .023" (.55mm) kerf for normal fretwire sizes and the steel is hard enough to cut nonferrous metals. These saws are custom made for us with the blade reversed to cut in the "pull" direction. This is for more accuracy and ease of cut. If you use it as a fret saw only, it has an extra long life. Depth of cut 1 5/8". Available with either a Rosewood handle (US only) or dark handle (Beech).

This saw is also included with our Manual Slotting System.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
SWB Fret saw, Indian Rosewood handle
No $29.66
SWBBW Fret saw, dark handle (Beech) Yes $29.66