“You guys are the best. I just received my order and literally every time i describe my specifications on how the fretboards should look you guys deliver 10/10. the two long scale indian rosewood fingerboards looks simply spectacular and the ziricote is glorious. I usually dont take the time to write these but this time I had to. Thanks for years of wonderful service guys. And if you can find the guys who helped pick my recent boards, make sure to personally tell them how happy I am."

Loyal Customer, AM

Zebrawood top plate, 1st gradeB & S, Machiche, steel string

Manual Slotting system

Price per Unit (piece): $188.95

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Fender™, Gibson™, PRS 24", 24.625", 24.75", 25", 25.5"
Martin™ Dreadnought 25.4"
Martin™ 00 and 000 24.9"
Classical/Flamenco 660mm, 650mm, 655mm, 640mm
Banjo, tenor 22.875"
Banjo, plectrum 26.188"
Bass scales 30", 34", 35"
Mandolin 13.75", 13.875"
Ukulele 13.5", 14.7", 15", 17", 20"
Fingerstyle 25.7"
Baritone 27.5"
Selmer 648mm, 670mm


The Manual Slotting System includes a Beech handled fret saw and one template of your choice. The adjacent chart show some standard scales for various instruments.
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the LMI Manual Slotting System
with Robert O'Brien.