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Radiused Dishes


Radiused dishes (also called Hollow Forms) are mostly used when bracing the top or back in either a Go-bar deck or vacuum bracing fixture to achieve an arch or “dome” in that plate. Arched tops are believed to be stronger for their mass than flat tops, to react less due to humidity changes, and to distort less due to the pull of the strings. To easily achieve a uniformly arched plate, first contour the bottom of the braces to the appropriate arch. This can be accurately accomplished by cutting, then sanding the braces on sandpaper attached to the hollow form (use the SPH50 Aluminum oxide sandpaper below). Next, glue the braces down to the plate while it is in the hollow form.

Our radiused dishes are 3D modeled in CAD and CNC machined (spherically) to tight tolerances. They are made from lightweight MDF (medium density fiberboard). All forms will spring and will need to be flat-mounted to return the form to the intended radius. To do this we recommend that your radius dish be clamped, glued or screwed to a piece of plywood or the base of your go-bar deck.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
SPHFS50 50' radiused dish, top arching form
Yes $79.33
SPHFS30 30' radiused dish, top arching form
Yes $79.33
SPHFS25 25' radiused dish, top arching form
Yes $79.33
SPHFB15 15' radiused dish, back arching form
No $79.33
SPHFB12 12' radiused dish, back arching form
No $79.33
SPHFCUS Custom radiused dish, arching (11'- 65' radii)
Allow 1 Week for Service $90.67
SPH50 Aluminum oxide sandpaper for radiused dishes, self-adhesive, 50 grit
Yes $40.88