“Dear Sir,
A few months ago I placed my first order with you and built my very first guitar. Ovangkol back and sides with sitka top.
I have been a craftsman for a number of years, rebuilding antique pianos, including making new soundboards and bridges, and decided to try my hand at guitars after buying a Taylor 814ce.
The results of my first attempt were surprising, to me and to others. Since I'm a bit "old-school" I built it entirey by hand, no table saw, router, joiner etc. (I did use a driss press!). I have already received requests for custom made guitars, and from a store interested in selling them.
It really helped to find quality supplies, all in one place, so I could start this experiment - which may just turn out to be my next and final career.
Many Thanks.
ps. I have just placed a second order so I can start making a few more......”

- Jon Ballard

DE-STA-CO Clamps


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Due to customer demand, we are now carrying these popular American made workholders for making jigs of all kinds. We enlisted the help of Lance McCollum and jig expert Kevin Ryan to select the clamps best suited for guitar making. We have not listed the clamp's individual applications because there are just too many!

All the clamps we offer have a flanged base for securing the clamp to the work surface. The design is lean and compact and the action is smooth and sure with wear-resistant, anti-friction bushings.

The hold down clamps all feature DE-STA-CO's U-channel arm for precision positioning of the spindle, which is neoprene coated. The C207UL has a particularly long U-channel. The handle of the C213U is positioned away from the work for greater safety when using with some power tools.

The pull action clamps are available in two configurations: latch and hook end. Both the latch and hooks are included with the clamp.

Finally, the horizontal clamp (C601) features a plunger tip that is threaded with an 8/32" thread at the end.

  • HOLD DOWN CLAMPS: TH = Total height; CR = Clamp reach; CH = Clamp reach; BW = Base width
  • PULL ACTION CLAMPS: DM = Drawing movement; CH = Closed hook length; OH = Open hook length; BW = Bass width
  • HORIZONTAL CLAMPS: PT = Plunger travel; BL = Base to tip length; CH = Clamp height; BW = Base width

The pertinent dimensions are listed below with each clamp. If you need more information, feel free to call.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
C201U DE-STA-CO clamp, hold-down, mini
Yes $14.90
C207UL DE-STA-CO clamp, hold-down, long bar
Yes $26.24
C323 DE-STA-CO clamp, pull-action U-bolt, small
Yes $16.27
C341 DE-STA-CO clamp, pull-action U-bolt, large
Yes $33.14
C330 DE-STA-CO clamp, pull-action hook-latch, small
Yes $19.30