"I’m about 10 tops into a stack of 40 cedar tops I got from you, and whenever I want to start a new guitar, I just walk over and pick a top off the stack, and start building.
They are all that great! I don’t have to dink around with the pattern, or select the “best" one: I just start building. I love that!  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your high standards, and what a pleasure it is to do business with you!"

The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, V...B & S, Machiche, concert/tenor ukulele

Mounting Kit for Professional Binding Machine (BM2)


This accessory kit for mounting the Professional Binding Machine allows quick adjustment to the binding machine without the use of clamps.

INSTALLATION GUIDE: To use the BM2MK mounting kit for the LMI BM2 Professional Binding Jig, install the two 1/4"-20" threaded inserts 4 1/2” apart flush with the bench top. You can use the nut on the bolt to drive the insert if desired. Insert the bolts, locate the base over the bolts, drop down to engage and slide backward to the slot stops. Tighten the bolts (3/8" hex head) with a socket wrench or nut driver. To remove, loosen the bolts 1/2 turn, slide base fully forward and remove.

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BM2MK Mounting Kit for Professional Binding Machine (BM2) Yes $5.62