Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that the Koa (B&S&T) is some of the finest, most beautiful, wood I have seen. (and I've been a woodworker for over 40 years). This is going to become an incredible guitar!!  



Gotoh 510s, chrome, black plastic button...Dye, lemon yellow TransTint, 2 oz.

Digital timer/stopwatch


BENDINGDigitalTimerDT500This 1 hour digital timer, DT, is very useful when you are bending sides, and forgetting that your sides are cooking could be disastrous. Simply set the timer, hang it around your neck and continue with other tasks. The timer automatically resets itself to the last time set for easy use when performing repetitive tasks. It also doubles as a stopwatch should you decide to do sprints in your shop. Battery included.

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DT Digital timer/stopwatch Yes $16.43