“It's nice to know that
I have a good
source for quality
guitar wood as
well as guitar parts
fabrication, such as
LMI's fingerboard
slotting service. 
As I am only set up
to slot 650mm
fingerboards, you
guys have saved my
butt on making me
several odd scale
lengths recently! 
I want you to know
that I appreciate
you guys and the
wood and services
that you supply
to me, a small,
independent luthier. 
Your fine fingerboard
slotting service
saves me a lot of
time and trouble,
for which I am grateful. 

Bob Desmond

Bending Machine Slats

BENDINGslats500LMI Bending Machine Slats
The SPB008, SPB008K and SPB020 are slats that are used with the LMI Bending Machine – although they can be used with other style machines. They are blue spring steel, not stainless steel and can corrode when exposed to moisture. This should not impact their use, but you should protect your sides against staining by using parchment paper or aluminum foil* when bending.

*Note: Do not use aluminum foil with Acacias, use parchment paper instead to prevent a reaction with the wood causing discoloration.

Fox-style Bending Machine Slats
The SPBUSOS is typically used for a Fox-style bending machine. These slats are stainless steel, but do not spring back. For this reason, many people have multiple sets of these slats.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
SPB008 1 slat, .008" blue spring steel, 6" x 36" for SPB(DX) LMI Bending Machine Yes $23.71
SPB008K 2 slats, .008" blue spring steel, 6" x 36" for SPB(DX) LMI Bending Machine Yes $45.31
SPB020 1 slat, .020" blue spring steel, 5" x 6" for SPB(DX) LMI Bending Machine Yes $16.96
SPBUSOS 2 slats, 24 gauge stainless steel, 6" x 36" for Fox-style bending machine
No $67.99